Internet Marketing Campaign Planning & Management

At XLNT Marketing Group, we help create a Custom Marketing Blueprint for small businesses based on their objectives and unique challenges.

“A marketing blueprint is the road map for getting your business recognized and profitable in today’s marketplace,” says CEO Kerry Bush.

In the USA alone, there are currently about 91,000 online businesses. Can you get yours to your target customers? How can you let them find you so they can see what you’ve got to offer? More importantly, how can you make them buy?

A marketing blueprint is a tool that plays a very central role in your online business. It breaks down your business idea so you can develop a preliminary plan for internet promotion to obtain exposure and sales for your brand.

Every internet business is unique with different objectives and problems. Therefore, it is vital that the marketing plan be specially made to fit its needs.

“When we create a marketing blueprint for a business, we sit down with our clients and listen to their goals and needs and then develop a strategy on the best ways to achieve them,” Kerry makes clear. “It is never generic or one-size-fits-all but custom-made for the client,” he adds.

Our approach for your online road map is to help you:

  1. Identify your marketing goals
  2. Set up specific objectives for each goal
  3. Develop specific actions to achieve a goal
  4. List methods/tools to carry out the action

Sample Internet Marketing Blueprint


Internet Marketing Blueprint

Depending on your budget, we will evaluate your business needs and develop a package with actionable and effective marketing solutions.