Video Marketing

Part of a solid marketing plan includes the use of video marketing. A single online video can be a highly-effective marketing tool as it can be use to give details about your product and explain its usefulness to a potential buyer to help increase conversion rates and boost sales.

In the internet, videos work more effectively than plain text. How?

Video is powerful

1. Google loves videos. According to data in Spork Marketing, websites that have videos in them are ranked higher in Google search.

2. Videos are faster at grabbing attention and retaining information. According to a study conducted by Wharton Research Center, the average person can remember 50 percent of what they see and only 10 percent of what they read. It also takes the average person less than a minute to decide to buy so use videos if you want your customers to act quickly.

How Effective Can an Online Video Be?

Just take a look at these statistics:

  • 100 Million Internet users watch an online video each day (comScore)
  • 45.4% view at least one online video in a month (comScore)
  • 50% watch videos related to business on YouTube (Forbes)
  • 65% visit the website after viewing a video (Forbes)
  • 64% buy a product after watching a video (comScore)
  • 75% interact with video ads in a month (Tremor Video)
  • 90% find videos useful when making a decision to purchase (Internet Retailer)
  • 36% trust video ads (Nielsen Wire)
  • 20% conversion rate increase if you use explainer videos (Unbounce)

Is video marketing in your online business to-do list?

We can help you create customized videos to sell your product or service or promote your business. We can also develop a marketing plan to promote your videos and get them found. Contact us now!